Fair and Balanced Youngevity

Longevity is a network marketing business that was designed in 1997 by Dr.joe Wallach to offer a wide range of health products and services for better nutrition .Dr. Joel Wallach a renowned healthy advocate and also a father of mineral supplementation, after decades of practicing his expertise in veterinary medicine he decided to because a naturopathic physician .he then went ahead a founded longevity and that is why today he is recognized as the creator of youngevity. Click  Rich Minerals to read more about Youngevity. The company has accumulated tens of thousands of distributors dedicated to achieving financial freedom through longevity's  MLM opportunity.

The main interest of the company is to promote a wholesome living by maintaining optimal health with the help of the right products. You find that each product is crafted carefully to provide advanced benefits and real solutions for various health needs. The company main addresses the following concerns:
                -Athlete performance
                -Weight loss
                - Nutrition
                -Brian and heart
                -Bone and joint
                  -blood sugar
                   -Digestive support

Therefore aspiring business owners who are wishing to join longevity's growing network can promote and sell products such vitamins, make-ups, mineral supplements and skin care. Visit  90 essential nutrients supplements to learn more about Youngevity. Of its extensive product catalog, the longevity 90 for life health pack is currently one is the favorites and it cost about $ 115 (discounted 30%) for distributors.

Youngevity Company also makes monthly payouts to its suppliers about five times and there are up to 10 different ways to earn with the hard workers having impressive rewards .the company even claims to have one of the most lucrative reward systems in the marketing industry nowadays. the distributor can earn rewards through so many ways such retail profits, revenue sharing, residual income or unlevel commission, quick start bonus, fast start bonus, dream car award programmed leadership coding bonus, monthly car bonus, infinity leadership and many more other awards.

To make easy for aspiring people to join the network, youngevity has a very simple application process which can be accomplished online at the comfort of your home or workplace once you're free by use of your smartphone or computer. What is first required for applicants is to pay onetime $ 10 registration fee in order to become a beginning associate. Once you become a distributor the goal is to maintain at least 50 PQV auto ship per month. The distributor then keeps on enjoying benefits as mentioned earlier .remember also that there is a new additional park for distributors to enjoy .one of which are 90 for life healthy body challenges where the member is encouraged to lose weight and get fit. In this case, if the distributor works as it is required his/her then receives a free healthy park in the next one month. Therefore longevity company according to me it is the best because it has unlimited benefits behind it. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Living.